Vijay Sethupathi

Vijay Sethupathi Triumphs Over Body Shaming, Embraces Acceptance

Amid his massive success in Hindi cinema, actor Jawan Vijay Sethupathi sheds light on his journey and discusses poignant topics like body shaming and his iconic fashion choices in a recent interview with The Indian Express.

Acknowledging the growing admiration for his authentic and relevant screen presence, Vijay openly shares that the positive response is like an ‘energy drink’ for him. However, he recalls a time when he faced body shame and revealed, “Main aisa hi tha, body shame bohot kiya tha mujhe (I have often faced body shame because of my appearance).”

Although Vijay has withstood previous criticism, he is grateful for the acceptance he now enjoys and describes it as a blessing. He thanks his audience by saying, “Today I am accepted wherever I go”.

Vijay reflects on the invigorating effect of fans’ love and characterizes it as a powerful force that fuels his hope. He notes, “Receiving love from fans is like an energy drink. When people like you, it gives you hope that your work has reached people, that they have understood it and that they really like your work.

While Vijay’s acting talent has earned him recognition, his unpretentious sartorial choices, including his opt for ‘chappals’ at high-end Bollywood events, have brought him under scrutiny. Acknowledging this, he admits that he is conscious of his clothes, saying, “Sometimes I am careful with my suits because I believe in wearing clothes that I feel comfortable in.”

Discussing his journey in Bollywood, Vijay emphasizes the philosophy of taking one film at a time. He emphasizes the importance of box office success in attracting producers, explaining, “I realize that every story and film I do has to be a hit and reach the audience.”

Vijay provides insight into his unexpected adventure in Bollywood and emphasizes the element of surprise in his career. He talks about his first meeting with Sriram Raghavan during Merry Christmas and admits that he never imagined working with Katrina Kaif.

As he makes his way in Bollywood, Vijay always strives to entertain the audience and leave a lasting impression. He concludes, “The only expectation I have is that whatever story I tell, I can entertain the audience and impress them.”