Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's marriage

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s marriage hit a rough patch: Deets in

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are facing a new challenge in their married life now that their “honeymoon” phase is over.

As Life & Style reports, the couple struggles with long-distance dating as the lovebirds live apart due to their work commitments.

The Air director has been busy filming the sequel to The Accountant in Los Angeles, while the Ain’t Your Mama singer is in New York working on her projects.

The source shared: “This is the first long break they’ve had in a long time. And they both deal with it in different ways.

An insider claimed that Lopez was struggling to live without Affleck.

The source explained that the Boy Next Door actress “constantly wants her husband to reassure her that she is loved and adored.”

However, Lopez “doesn’t understand much of it now and Ben becomes defensive and sullen.”

“The honeymoon is definitely over. “If they want to stay married, they both feel they need to change their behavior,” the source said.

For those who don’t know, Lopez and Affleck got engaged in the early 2000s before splitting a few years later.

The couple finally rekindled their romance in 2021 and secretly married the following year.

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