Hania Aamir

Hania Aamir, Haider Mustehsan announce musical offering amidst dating rumours

Hania Aamir and Haider Mustehsan shared a heartwarming message on their respective Instagram accounts. The carefully curated carousel of images shows the duo lovingly leaning toward each other against the backdrop of the sunny scene, soothing the soul.

The shared post is not only intended to dispel rumors but also serves as a starting point for an exciting joint project. The post, titled ‘Dhanak’, hints at a musical adventure, especially considering Haider’s identity as a singer. The carousel of images exudes a tranquil atmosphere as the sun shines behind the duo, creating a visual spectacle at the announcement.

Scheduled to release on January 18, Dhanak promises to be a remarkable addition to Haider’s artistic repertoire. Although details about the nature of the project are still scarce, fans are eagerly anticipating the musical collaboration between Hania and Haider, as the hype surrounding their alleged relationship has been enormous.

The duo already caused a sensation on the internet with their recent posts on Instagram. They shared similar photos of the two looking lovingly at each other, leading to intense speculation about the nature of their relationship. Fans wondered if the two were in a romantic relationship or if it was a strategic move to promote a joint project.

Hania’s Instagram post, in which she captured Haider with a loving look, was accompanied by a caption that further fueled the fire. She wrote, “Jaise koi falak tu khili jae. Har saans kyun ja tarsaye. Phool sawan tujhse sharmaen” (As a sky blooms, why is each breath long? Flowers flee in your presence). The poetic caption left fans speculating about the true nature of their relationship.

Haider’s post added to the mystery with his caption: “Teri dhanak dil hila jaye, thorey kadam larkhara jaein” (You move my heart, you move my steps). The cryptic language used by both celebrities had fans analyzing every word and trying to decipher the hidden meaning of their messages.

If Hania’s Instagram stories are to be believed, the duo had also dropped hints in their previous captions. Hania shared screenshots of numerous messages that may have been missed by the public and that appeared to contain lyrics from a song – perhaps the same song that was also quoted in those messages.

These cryptic messages caused a stir on social media, with fans expressing their excitement, curiosity and support for the potential couple. While some felt that the chemistry between the two was too real to be limited to just acting, others claimed that celebrities often used strategic marketing tactics to create buzz around their projects.

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