Imran Abbas

Imran Abbas discusses his fame in Thailand, where his picture book covers

While many enter show business in search of fame among other glamorous gigs, many practitioners report being surprised at the first sweet moment of public recognition. But for some, the fear of becoming famous never goes away, despite a long relationship with the entertainment industry. Pakistani actor Imran Abbas is one of them.

Sitting on the couch for a candid interview with actress and host Hina Altaf and her co-host, Syed Ali, Imran Abbas recalled the thrilling yet confusing ordeal that had fans around the world following him. That the actor has received so much praise comes as no surprise given his long and impressive portfolio of Pakistani TV hits and Bollywood feature films.

While answering a question about a moment that impressed him from his long journey and great achievements, Imran recalled his several moments of global fame. “A few days ago, I traveled to Europe. And I was traveling alone. I didn’t have a manager or anyone with me,” said Imran, explaining how a casual holiday trip became another opportunity for the actor to seize his stardom.

“I was planning to go from Amsterdam, then Germany, and then Switzerland, to Paris,” he said, explaining that his trip would cover five European countries. “Everywhere I went, even at the top of the Eiffel Tower, there is a restaurant, so I thought no one would recognize me here, back then on the Jungfrau, at the top of Switzerland,” Imran described his surprise when he discovered his large fan base.

Imran further expressed his surprise and said, “There you go, dressed in your usual attire. So when you see someone there who you recognize, you think, “I could use a break here.” However, the Ehraam-e-Junoon actor clarified that this feeling is only part of his reaction to such unexpected encounters. “It is also a source of happiness when people recognize you in the most unlikely places, and that is not only Pakistanis but also Indians, Nepalis, Bangladeshis, and Arab countries…,” he said, explaining his cross-border fame.

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The Ae Dil Hai Muskhil star was also amused by the way Arab fans pronounce his name, with the first letter underlined in a rounded manner. Meanwhile, Imran recalled another shocking example of the condition and revealed: “Believe me, I’m surprised there are pictures of me on book covers in Thailand.”

For Imran Abbas, his anecdotes only highlight his personal experiences with the glamor and splendor that come with being a celebrity in most places. The star lovingly revealed how her niece is traveling the world, further proof of the man’s massive appeal. “My niece travels often; she tells me that I am currently in a village in Italy, and your pictures are hanging in hair salons,” Imran revealed.

Highlighting the intensity of his fans, the Khuda Aur Muhabbat actor gave an Indian example. “In India, [my photos] were once even plastered in toilets. Mine in the men’s room and Aishwarya Rai’s in the women’s room,” Imran noted with a laugh. He further noted how such images evoke both joy and confusion for him. “I thought: what should I call this admiration?”

Last year, the actor caused a stir online when he launched into a tirade about the “toxic culture” of talk shows, in which presenters ask problematic questions to reach viewers and go viral. He urged all talk show hosts to stop cornering their guests to humiliate other celebrities and instead talk about meaningful things. Imran took to his Instagram story to explain why he doesn’t appear on talk shows. He called offensive questions a “popular acting trend” on talk shows and wrote, “He/she doesn’t know how to act; he/she is overrated or worse than the actor or actress she sees.”. “Now I shouldn’t be playing this character; she looks plastic and horrible after surgery. What the fuck, man?”