Humayun Saeed

Humayun Saeed reminisces about his first heartbreak, citing her desire for someone better

Popular actor Humayun Saeed recently had a candid interview with Imran Ashraf on a local talk show and revealed his first heartbreak.

The actor, known for appearing in some of Pakistan’s biggest films and most recently in the Netflix series ‘The Crown’, revealed as Diana’s lover, co-star Dr. Hasnat Khan, details his very first relationship.

When asked to describe the details of her first heartbreak, Punjabi star Nahi Jaungi poetically recalled, “I was teaching her to drive, and she crashed my car into something.” His parents loved me. They said, “Ae Munda changa lagda ae” (he is a nice boy), it was that kind of scene.

“And what happened next?” Imran asked, quite confused. “I think it’s happening. She probably wanted someone else in her life at that time, someone better than me,” Humayun said, disappointed. “Did you cry?” Imran asked. “Oh, very… I was young. When she told me that she now belonged to someone else, I cried a lot with my boyfriend and he was with me,” the actor revealed.

Humayun further noted that it is true when you are young. “Your friends are just as emotionally invested in your relationships as you are. But when you grow up and go to your friend’s house to cry, they just tell you to shut up because they told you to!” he laughed.

When asked how long their relationship lasted, Humayun confessed, “Not too long, it lasted a year. » It seems like all heartbreakers start with a broken heart.

However, Humayun, who is currently 52 years old, has been married to Samina Humayun Saeed for over twenty years. Samina is a producer best known for directing shows like Akbari Asghari, Sadqay Tumhare, Mann Mayal, and Alif under her banner Next Level Entertainment.

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