Faryal Mehmood calls ex-husband Daniyal Raheal her lucky charm, dedicates ‘Wakhri’ to him

After a successful global launch at Red Sea Film Fest 2023, the Qandeel Baloch-inspired film Wakhri is gearing up for a national release on January 5. The Iram Parveen Bilal-directed film was cleared by the Censor Board for screening in Pakistan on December 4 and has already raised expectations about what the new year will look like for national cinema.

On Instagram, Iram addressed netizens on behalf of Team Wakhri in a video message, asking them to bring their friends and family to the film’s highly anticipated release. The filmmaker emphasized the importance of opening weekends and how the first performance determines the long-term outcome.

“The opening weekend determines the fate of a film in theaters,” Iram began. “We have done our part and brought the film to your door. Now we look forward to welcoming you to theaters across the country! The filmmaker further emphasized that anyone who finds the film’s direction, casting, performance, or theme appealing is encouraged to watch the film and enjoy the big screen.

In the caption of his video message, Iram reiterated: “Opening weekends are crucial for theatrical releases. If you like this film, we highly recommend that you watch it with your friends and family on January 5 and 7. We released the film widely through Mandiviwalla Entertainment, and now we are asking our audience to do their part and meet us at the cinema.

The film received high praise for lead actor Faryal Mehmood, who plays a complex character with astonishing clarity. Earlier, the actress shared a heartfelt post on Instagram in December where she spoke about her long journey and said Wakhri was a milestone. “To my beloved fans, you have known me through my difficult journey, which consisted of several obstacles, from patriarchy to my weight and body, to my marriage, and finally to divorce,” Faryal recalls.

His outspoken online persona is part of what landed him the lead role in Wakhri, and this expressive touch highlighted Faryal’s honest relationship with his fans. “You saw it all, and I experienced it all,” she recalled. “I have promised my loved ones that I would not disappoint my viewers by indulging in boring television. I know I haven’t been in theaters for a while, but I promise you, I’ve been working on being worthy of being your next star.

To everyone’s delight, the short break culminated with Wakhri, Faryal proudly announced. “I announce to you Wakhri, a script, a film, and a life for which I have given everything. I have been very honest about my work and my values. Everything I believe in and stand for is represented in the film. I stayed true to you and myself,” she added.

“Honestly, I think every woman who can leave the house should watch Wakhri. I promise it will make you laugh and think about reality,” Faryal encouraged his audience. “Wakhri will be released in Pakistan on January 5, 2024. I need all my sisters to come together and show some love for me and Wakhri.

Towards the end of the lengthy note, the actress dedicated the film to her former husband and noted the film’s coincidental release on his birthday. “The day Wakhri is released is my ex-husband’s birthday. I guess it all fits together for some reason. And that confirms that he was my good luck charm.

“That’s why I want to dedicate this to him because he has always been by my side and taught me to be better. Taught me to know myself. “I am very grateful to him, and I will never forget what he taught me,” she concluded her moving message.

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