Zaviyar Ejaz: It is all about your performance, not who you are and who your father is

Zaviyar Ejaz: It is all about your performance, not who you are and who your father is

In a candid and insightful interview, Pakistani actor Zaviyar Ejaz spoke about his experiences in the entertainment industry, his ambitions, and the challenges he faced along the way. In a conversation with Independent Urdu, Ejaz shared his thoughts on various topics, from his recent foray into comedy to his ambitions for future film projects.

Talking about his latest comedy mini-series Rafta Rafta, the actor said, “I chose this project because I had never done comedy before and it was something new for me that I really wanted to do.” And it’s a miniseries, not long, so I thought it would be a good experience with only six episodes.

Exploring comedy

Ejaz expressed his joy in exploring this genre and emphasized the joy and interest he finds in his work. However, he emphasized the importance of delivering natural performances that resonate with the audience, admitting that true success lies in the audience’s response.

The actor further described his character saying, “I play a boy who fled Lahore for Karachi because he doesn’t want to marry his cousin and his mother forces him.” Now he has come to Karachi and his landlady is Saheefas Figure. Savera. He has no money to pay the rent and he is in love with the landlady, a very strict and haughty girl.

When asked about his satisfaction with his performances compared to his previous dramatic roles, Ejaz explained that each genre offers its own challenges and rewards. While there is no direct comparison between the two, he emphasized the importance of personal satisfaction in every scene to ensure each moment authentically resonates with the audience.

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He commented: “Comparing my own experiences of these two years, I really enjoyed comedy. And I didn’t find it that difficult. But then again, when it pops up on the screen, you’ll know. But whatever I do, I do it with interest and pleasure. If it flows naturally that’s good, otherwise people will know.

“If people like me doing comedy and I get more offers after that, then I will definitely do that,” he added. On potential film offers, Ejaz revealed that although he has received offers, he remains focused on sharpening his skills and waits for the right opportunity to make a name for himself in the film world. The 27-year-old was keen on continuous improvement and expressed his willingness to take on the challenge of making the transition to the big screen at the right time.

Sharing screen with Nauman Ejaz

Reflecting on his experiences working with his father, popular actor Nauman Ejaz, he admitted that he initially felt intimidated but eventually found inspiration in his father’s professionalism and leadership. He emphasized the need to focus on the task at hand and deliver a convincing performance regardless of external pressure or expectations.

The actor revealed, “I was scared because I was working with Nauman Ejaz. And there was no father-son relationship with him on set. He told me from day one that I was your colleague on set and your boss, not your father. So, he maintained the relationship with me and I worked there.

He called the experience “100% intimidating” and noted that he was able to compartmentalize his personal and professional areas of life. “When I had to go on stage with them, I had to change my mind and focus on the character and playing.”

He insisted: “You have to turn off your thoughts and concentrate on your work.” These things are not important to the camera. No one asks you these things if you perform well. It’s all about how you perform, not about who you are or who your father is. It is my opinion.”

Looking ahead, Ejaz expressed his desire to continue working with esteemed colleagues and experienced actors, who are eager to learn and develop their expertise. He also hinted at the possibility of reprising negative roles in the future, fueled by the positive response he received from his previous portrayal.

‘Karachi ka bun kebab’

The star, who lives mainly in Lahore, shared her love for Karachi’s vibrant food scene and praised the city’s street food culture and diverse culinary offerings. Ejaz said, “I love Karachi’s street food. And restaurants in Karachi are a little more compatible. And the people of Karachi love the food.

He is full of praise for the city and says, “I love the weather in Karachi. I like Karachi in summer because there is no wind in Lahore and it is static all day long. And there are many customs. In Karachi, the wind blows no later than 5 p.m. He also spoke about his love for sports, shared his experiences during various competitions and expressed his desire to prioritize physical activity despite his busy schedule.

“I used to play a lot. Now I don’t have time to do anything. But I did a lot of swimming, water polo, cricket with friends, football at school, driving, and also boxing,” he says.

Finally, Ejaz reflected on his acting career, acknowledging the mistakes he made early on and the growth he experienced over time. With his commitment to continuous improvement and passion for his craft, he remains poised to make a lasting impact on Pakistan’s entertainment industry for years to come.