Rahat Fateh Ali

Rahat Fateh Ali Sorry, the meme game has come out and Pakistanis are having fun

If you thought the internet was down because of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s latest release, think again!

The popular Pakistani singer recently made headlines and his collaborator with a viral video that spread like wildfire on social media. In the few-second clip mentioned above, Rahat can be seen behaving unpleasantly towards one of his employees, hitting him and asking where his ‘bottle’ is.

In response to the escalating controversy, Rahat released a video in which he attempted to respond to the incident. In the video message, the singer introduced his employee Naveed Hasnain and Naveed’s father Nafees Ahmed and tried to portray their relationship as one based on mutual respect and affection.

“The videos you watch are a personal affair between a mentor and their mentee. When a student does something good, we show him our appreciation. “If they make a mistake, we will also punish them,” he said in the video. Despite Rahat’s attempts to downplay the incident as a disciplinary issue between a “mentor and his student”, the public mood remains highly critical.

While some called out the maestro for his deplorable behavior, others consoled themselves by writing funny memes. Here we show you how Pakistanis gave their best during this fiasco.