Wasim Akram

Karachi traffic is a nightmare: Wasim Akram gets why fans aren’t showing up for PSL

In a recent article, the duo, who were supposed to attend a cricket match along with other cricket personalities, expressed their displeasure over the lack of defined routes, road closures with containers, and the resulting huge traffic jams.

Fakhr-e-Alam took to social media to narrate his ordeal and stressed the need for the authorities to develop a judicious traffic plan to allow the smooth movement of spectators. He pointed out that the difficult traffic situation could be one of the main reasons why the expected crowds did not materialize at the National Stadium in Karachi.

In the accompanying video, Akram can be seen echoing the actor’s sentiments and calling the situation a “nightmare.” Wasim Akram explained that after an hour and a half of traffic, they had to turn around and ultimately could not reach the stadium. The cricket legend expressed his understanding as to why people are hesitant to attend matches in Karachi due to these logistical challenges.

Fakhr-e-Alam further pointed out that it would raise serious questions about accessibility to the general public if people with special passes and stickers on their cars that give them extra privileges find it difficult to reach the location of the demonstration. He highlighted the additional inconveniences faced by the residents of Karachi due to poor management of traffic arrangements.

The duo concluded their message with an appeal to the Karachi Traffic Police and local organizers to urgently address the problem and find effective traffic management solutions. They call on the authorities to streamline routes to the national stadium to ensure a hassle-free experience for cricket fans and avoid further disappointment for those eager to watch the matches live in Karachi. As the cricket season progresses, calls for better infrastructure and transport planning to improve the overall fan experience during matches become more urgent.