Mahira Khan

Indian designer Sawan Gandhi drapes Mahira Khan in his ‘Monochrome Magic’

After making a big impression with her performance in Bollywood, artist Mahira Khan began her first exclusive collaboration with an Indian designer and became the muse of famous fashion designer Sawan Gandhi. The legendary actor graced the designer’s ethereal new Monochromatic Magic collection, a campaign that is sure to set the tone for eveningwear in 2024.

“I have been a fan of Mahira ever since I saw Humsafar and Raees, so it was a dream come true,” said Sawan. “My design language is always a contemporary interpretation of traditional silhouettes, a vision that represents Mahira’s personality. She defines luxury with the most graceful and understated sensitivity, and it won us over immediately.

Sawan Gandhi’s popularity has been enormous in recent years. If Bollywood’s most sought-after brigade has already been spotted at events with their creations, this celebrity-focused campaign is a first; a manifestation as described by the designer. These beautiful sets are accompanied by carefully crafted jewelry from award-winning jewelry designer and gemologist Pavit Gujral, based in Dubai.

Infused with vibrant hues, the versatile designer is inspired by a love of nature, the beauty of chance, a kaleidoscope of colors, and a deep connection with the animal kingdom. Pavit Gujral’s bespoke, bold, and inspired jewelry designs prove to be timeless masterpieces that transcend the boundaries of conventional jewelry and step into the extraordinary, harmoniously complementing Sawan Gandhi’s monochromatic story and giving it a Midas touch.

“Each collection has a new perspective, but I also wear my style, something that people identify with the brand,” he says. “Mahira is the perfect muse, and for me, the experience on location was the most special thing about filming with her. Her innate understanding of fashion, design, and craftsmanship is reflected in her natural grace in the images, she is like a designer’s dream! »

As part of the campaign, Mahira wears four monochrome looks, including saris with intricate handwork, an open sherwani jacket over a sari, and a gold ivory lehenga with an embroidered net veil. The fusion of traditional silhouettes with contemporary elements reflects Sawan Gandhi’s design philosophy and offers a new perspective on classic fashion, inspired from around the world. Each outfit was embroidered by hand for hours, and the collection took more than four months to complete. While the looks bear Sawan Gandhi’s signature embroidery and silhouettes, they also bring freshness and reflect Mahira’s grace and beauty.

“A renowned designer, a global player, and a campaign photo in Dubai; it is a successful blend of unparalleled representation of luxury and beauty in fashion,” said Sawan Gandhi. In a collaboration, he added: “I’ve always loved creating clothes that make people feel beautiful. With a muse like Mahira, the process seemed natural. Our vision created an instant connection with the celebrity and transformed the process into a creative dream. We incorporated elements into the design that beautifully express both cultures. The dream collection would be available at Sawan Gandhi stores in Delhi and Hyderabad, but also online.