Arshad Chaiwala

Arshad Chaiwala plans to expand international café franchise, and will marry when the ‘time is right’

In 2016, Arshad Khan, a charming tea seller, became the viral sensation ‘Arshad Chaiwala’ after a photo by local photographer Jiah Ali caught the attention of social media. Today, Arshad has gone from a local sensation to an international entrepreneur with a thriving global brand, playfully called Café Chaiwala.

Arshad recently participated in an interview with Digital Pakistan and shed light on his journey from a small café in Islamabad to launching international franchises. He expressed his desire to strengthen Pakistan’s presence on the global stage, citing the lack of Pakistani brands operating internationally as motivation. Arshad said, “I always wanted to start my brand. »

“After opening a cafe in Islamabad, my life would have been good, I didn’t need anything else. I started my brand only because I wanted Pakistan to be recognized in the world,” he said, adding that he aimed to create employment while putting Pakistan on the international map.

The 24-year-old further said, “In the entire history of Pakistan, no brand has gone global in just six months. » Although he is happy with his small café, Arshad’s vision and determination allowed his brand to grow rapidly in six months. of the desire to create more jobs and opportunities for people.

Speaking about his Café Chaiwala branch on Ilford Lane in London, Arshad reiterated: “We have done deals for a further ten branches [in London].”

The entrepreneur-slash-internet star was also asked about his love life, to which he replied that he is yet to get married despite numerous offers. “When the time is right, I will announce that I am ready to get married.” Arshad clarified that he is not in a relationship with anyone at the moment.

After becoming a viral sensation with his striking blue eyes and good looks, the man behind Café Chaiwala was all set for a dream run in showbiz. From getting a modeling contract to landing a film role, Arshad said no to the high life and decided to return to his dhaba in Islamabad.

In 2020, the former tea seller opened Café Chaiwala, a rooftop cafe in Islamabad. Talking about the name of the establishment, Arshad told Urdu News, “Many people told me that I should change the current name and call it Arshad Khan instead, but I refused as Chai Wala is my identity,” he added, saying that he always sends a message. storm when his friends want Chai to be prepared by him.