Animal Movie

‘Animal’ faces legal issues mere days before its scheduled Netflix premiere

Ranbir Kapoor’s film Animal is facing legal turmoil just days before its scheduled release on Netflix on January 26. The controversy centers on a dispute between T-Series, one of the film’s main producers, and Cine 1 Studios Private Limited, which claims to be co-producer of Animal, according to News18.

Cine 1 Studios has filed a lawsuit in the Delhi High Court, alleging that T-Series failed to adhere to the profit-sharing agreement stipulated in the 2019 acquisition agreement and a related addendum agreement. The production house claims that several clauses of these agreements have been violated, leading to legal action. It is for this reason that Cine 1 Studios is asking for a postponement of the release of “Animal” on Netflix and is questioning the announcement of the sequel to “Animal Park.”

The case came before Judge Sanjeev Narula on Monday, where Cine 1’s lead lawyer, Sandeep Sethi, argued that his client had not been provided with information about the film’s revenue from box office sales and digital and satellite rights, claiming that it had “not been paid.” even a cent. Ciné 1 also claims 35% of Animal’s profits and intellectual property rights.

In response, T-Series’ lawyer, Amit Siba, claimed that Cine 1 had not invested in the film and accused them of hiding important information from the court. The lawyer submitted documents showing that the parties signed two agreements in August 2022, amending the 2019 acquisition contract. T-Series claims to have paid Rs 2.6 million to Cine 1, a fact that Cine 1 is said to have concealed.

The lawsuit revealed that Ciné 1 was unaware of the payment, prompting the attorney to investigate and notify the court. As the legal battle plays out, the fate of Animal‘s release on Netflix hangs in the balance, adding an unexpected twist to the film’s journey to audiences.