Affan Waheed

Affan Waheed opens up about his rumored marriage to Durefishan Saleem

Popular actor Affan Waheed recently appeared on the show ‘Hasna Mana Hai’ where he openly discussed the lurking rumors about his alleged marriage to Durefishan Saleem, his co-star from the popular drama serial ‘Pardes’. Speculation grew after the duo participated in a wedding photo shoot, sparking rumors and discussion among fans.

During the interview, Waheed gave a clear explanation about rumors. He attributed the rumors to participating in a wedding photoshoot with a loving on-screen couple and called the resulting rumors “fake news.”. His clarification was intended to clear up misunderstandings and emphasize the importance of using judgment when interpreting such scenarios.

“It was a photo shoot for a brand, nothing more,” the star explained. “The drama was a success.” He added, “We take wedding pictures. People think we’re married. Especially on YouTube.” On YouTube and during photo shoots, he joked that he had been married several times.

Known for his introverted nature, Waheed has reflected on his approach to making friends within the entertainment industry. He revealed that he maintains a close circle of friends and explained some of the qualities he appreciates in his companions. These include his ability to control his mood swings without taking offense and the importance of listening to him carefully, even at times when he may have made a mistake, without passing judgment.

Waheed’s candid conversation not only addressed the rumors doing the rounds but also provided insight into his personal life and professional relationships. His openness gave fans a deeper, more nuanced understanding of the situation and illuminated his perspectives beyond just acting.

The on-screen chemistry between the actor and Saleem in Pardes captivated the audience and led to increasing speculations about their off-screen relationship. The couple’s collaboration on the wedding photoshoot, combined with the publication of speculative content on YouTube, led fans to widely believe that a real wedding might be on the way.

During a previous appearance on Ahsan Khan’s talk show alongside Saleem, Waheed revealed that Saleem was propositioned by a white classmate while she was pursuing her bachelor’s degree in America. Although she initially considered the proposal, she ultimately rejected it due to her young age and concerns about her mother’s reaction. Saleem also revealed that Waheed recently broke up and is currently single.

The presenter touched on the topic of Affan Waheed initial reluctance to share screen space with Saleem in Pardes. The star explained that when the project was first signed, another established actor was cast in the role, which Saleem later took over. He was hesitant to work with a newcomer in a role he envisioned with an established star. Moreover, he had reservations about Saleem’s Urdu language skills.

Affan clarified that his hesitation was not due to his reluctance to work with newcomers, but rather because the original script called for a different co-star. However, after a few days of shooting, he expressed his satisfaction and happiness over working with Saleem.